Swift 3D Announced  
  For Immediate Release

Shipping on April 4th, Swift 3D™ delivers vector-based three dimensional text and objects to Web sites using Macromedia Flash.

Boulder, Colorado - April 4, 2000 - Electric Rain, Inc.® is currently taking orders for their new 3D vector graphics software, Swift 3D. This standalone design tool easily creates 3D imagery and animation for direct use with Macromedia® Flash™ software. The retail price is $139.00.
Swift 3D was unveiled to the public at the recently held Flashforward2000 event in San Francisco and the response to the new product was superb. "Having the world's top Flash users walk up to our booth, watch a demo and say, 'This is exactly what I need,' was a huge boost for our company," exclaimed Mike Soucie, President of Electric Rain. "It reaffirmed our belief that Swift 3D is the perfect tool for designers looking to bring their Flash enabled Web sites to a new level through the power of 3D. Swift 3D eliminates the need for hand tracing and our exclusive RAVIX™ gradient shading technology exports realistic 3D images, not just cartoon-like line art with flat fills."

Swift 3D enables designers to quickly create or import 3D images and animations for export to the Macromedia Flash file format (SWF). Swift 3D is not just a file and model converter; it's an intuitive 3D application for creating, editing and animating 3D images. These images can be created from fonts and basic 3D primitives within Swift 3D, or imported from other popular applications like 3D Studio™ (3DS), Adobe® Illustrator® (AI) or any program that exports Encapsulated PostScript™ files (EPS).

Swift 3D allows extensive control over the extrusion, rotation, coloring and animation of 3D images. Pre-built drag and drop animations and powerful keyframe animation enable users to easily apply motion to new or imported images. These images are then converted into a vector format and exported as SWF files. Swift 3D supports four levels of export - outlines, meshes, flat shading and gradient shading - giving users control over image quality and size.

Others are excited about Swift 3D as well. Mark Strassman, Director of Product Management & Marketing for Macromedia, Inc., commented, "Macromedia is excited to see emerging technologies like Swift 3D that compliment the abilities of Macromedia Flash software. By supporting the Macromedia Flash file format (SWF), Swift 3D opens new design possibilities for users needing a 3D solution for their Macromedia Flash enabled Web sites."

Swift 3D v1.0 is available for purchase online at www.swift3d.com or by phone at 1-888-613-1500. Both the download and the Boxed CD version come with full documentation and some value-added goodies like free sound clips and 3D models. Swift 3D currently runs on the Windows® platform and Electric Rain plans to release a Macintosh version late summer of 2000.

Macromedia Flash has become the differentiating technology in the e-business branding, customer retention and product presentation of leading e-commerce advertising and entertainment sites. Macromedia Flash is the industry standard for high-impact vector-based Web sites that deliver motion, sound, interactivity and graphics. Macromedia has made numerous distribution agreements to ensure the ubiquity of Flash, which now ships with most leading operating systems, media players and Web browsers, including Windows 98, Mac OS 9, America Online 5.0, and current versions of Netscape Navigator and Internet Explorer. With over 200 million users, and over one million downloads daily, the Flash Player is among the most distributed software in history.

Electric Rain will again be sponsoring flashforward2000 for the New York City event being held July 9 - 11, 2000. Flashforward2000 and Flash Film Festival is the world's premier Flash solutions conference and expo. This event is three jam-packed days of keynotes, panels, pre-conference workshops, hands-on training, breakout sessions and product showcases. The Flash Film Festival is an entertaining, one-night gala celebrating the world's best Flash creations. Visit www.flashforward2000.com or call 877.4.FLASH.4 for more information.

About Electric Rain, Inc.
Electric Rain, Inc. is a fast moving 3D and multimedia software company with a vision of bringing easy-to-use 3D and multimedia tools to the masses. Through the release of its stand-alone application, Swift 3D v1.0, and the company's proprietary RAViX rendering technology, Electric Rain has quickly become the industry leading developer and supplier of 3D to vector solutions. The company is located at the base of the Flatirons in Boulder, Colorado. More information about Electric Rain and its products and technologies is available at www.erain.com.


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